Discover Your Dream

Free Webinar Workshop

Are you like most people, so bogged down trying to just survive that you do not relish the miracles of being alive? Are you only experiencing a fraction of the joy and satisfaction that is available to you? Are you living the life you dreamt of when you were first starting out, before the responsibilities of a job and family took over? Do you wake up eager to tackle the day and feel excited for it?

When you discover that thing that you are passionate about, the thing that kindles the burning desire within you. You to unlock the possibilities in your life when you “Discover Your Dream”.

This Webinar workshop is developed with you in mind. Helping you to discover that one thing you are passionate about, that you have a burning desire to achieve.

The Randy Drake Team teaches a process and gives you the tools that will allow you to discover your Dream.

Topics include:
  • The Process for discovering your Dream
  • Why it is important to be emotionally attached to your Dream
  • Writing your Dream out in Pictures
  • Visualization Technique
This 2 Hour Training Webinar Includes:
  • Live e-Training
  • Workbook/Manual
  • Networking with like-minded individuals

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